Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Internet is a Scary Place

I don't often get into commenting on controversial subjects, but the latest Tom Hanks gaff had me riveted. But the HATE that is out there towards Mormons is astonishing. Granted, most of the people contributing seemed entirely deranged or drunk, but what a sad state of affairs when voting your conscience becomes something hated amongst people who, for whatever reason, have the attention of the public. Tom Hanks needs to issue an apology, even if just for damage control and the prevention of more hate crimes.


  1. Just because someone is critical of mormon beliefs and / or actions is not the same as hate.

    A persecution complex is not attractive.

    Nice picture by the way. I've stood there many times.

  2. Really, it seems as if it is impossible to criticize the horribly inhumanities of a religion without immediately being accused of spouting hatred. Mormons are not persecuted in this country. Rather, my claim is that the institution of Mornmonism is responsible for perpetuating barbaric acts of discrimination and suppression, such as the denial of basic human rights on the basis of sexual orientation.

    Are there Mormons who do not engage in such acts of hatred? Absolutely. That still leaves me to criticize their decision to support and show allegiance with an institution which has actively sought to harm the ideals of freedom and tolerance which serve as the basis of American society. Of course, I have similar criticisms of many people, and I would expect that people criticize me in kind.

  3. I have no issue whatsoever with people who merely criticize..we are ALL entitled to our opinions last time I checked. However, when the verbage includes phrases like 'all mormons should be lined up against a wall and shot'...well, that would be a statement of hate...and that statement along with many more like it are what has alarmed me. The problem with even mild criticism coming out of the likes of Tom Hanks is that, for whatever reason, it is taken as absolute truth...and people tend to jump on that band wagon in absolute ignorance. And no, I have never personally met a person of the LDS faith that has shown hatred against anyone based on sexual orientation. Disapproval of the lifestyle perhaps, but certainly nothing as drastic as what I've read aimed at Mormons. Churches and temples have been vandalized, members have been sent white powder in envelopes...these are terrorist tactics aimed at a people that are known for their patriotism, even though the usa has certainly never always been a friend.